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Loving Javafx – Rich Internet Application Development with JavaFX

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Rich visual experience and interactivity are crucial features for cutting edge applications today, which boosts Rich Internet Application development. JavaFX stands in line with such RIA development tools as Ajax, Silverlight and Adobe Air and empowers software development companies to take advantage of their Java expertise to build and deploy stunning Rich Internet Applications. The JavaFX platform incorporates well into the Java development expertise and enables Java developers to make use of their existing knowledge and tech savvy for the development of Rich Internet Applications. Overview of core JavaFX features: JavaFX supports the Java programming language, which allows software developers feel comfortable using their preferable development technologies for RIA projects. JavaFX provides support for various platforms and devices, which ensures easy development both for desktop and browser-resided apps. Moreover, the JavaFX platform gives Java programmers an opportunity of RIA development for mobile devices. JavaFX comprises a wide range of APIs that facilitate RIA development for desktop and mobile, enable easy work with graphic components and UI elements and allow professional developers to harness other than JavaFX Script programming languages: JRuby, Groovy and JavaScript. JavaFX enables Java developers to employ third-party tools for elaborating graphical elements during the development and deployment of Rich Internet Applications (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc). JavaFX ensures smooth and handy development as the JavaFX platform embraces graphics, media and web engines. JavaFX allows Java developers freely make use of HTML5, CSS, DOM and SVG owing to the in-build JavaFX browser, which streamlines RIA development process. JavaFX enables easy and fast threads handling and event management with the help of its Glass Windowing Toolkit. This JavaFX component is often leveraged by Java professionals during the RIA development process. Therefore, the JavaFX platform provides a holistic approach for cross-platform RIA development and ensures interoperability of Rich Internet Applications

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  1. rizecorp says:

    Java FX is a new extension to the Java platform that gives developers a consistent experience for building rich web/desktop apps all the way down to to handheld device applications.

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